Pathway 1

Pathway 1 Curriculum


P1 is a Key Stage 3 pathway, intended for students where previously unmet SEN is believed to have been a significant contributor to challenges within mainstream school; particularly when SEN relates to Cognition & Learning and/or Communication and Interaction difficulties. A number of students will join this pathway with an Education, Health and Care needs assessment (EHCNA) underway, in other cases the SEN hasn’t been identified previously and The Bridge will lead on making applications for this process. The majority of students within P1 will need an EHCP or Top Up funding in order to transition successfully to a long term placement.

Students within this group are typically working well below aged related expectations alongside significant gaps in knowledge that have built up throughout their mainstream education. The curriculum therefore allows for adaptive teaching that stretches students at the appropriate level for them in order to accelerate progress and narrow the gap between them and their peers. Detailed observations and assessments of students within P1 allow for comprehensive contributions to EHCNA to be made.

While students within this pathway may exhibit elements of SEMH need, their behavioural challenges within mainstream have often been a result of masking and feeling out of their depth. A key feature of this provision is to develop a students confidence as a learner, building resilience to challenge and giving them the belief that they can access education.


Large elements of the curriculum are delivered on a Primary model, through cross curricular learning. Led by a consistent Teacher and TA partnership with significant experience within Key Stage 2, staff are well placed to identify current levels of working and stretch learning from those initial baselines.

This consistent staffing allows for frequent opportunities during the day to reflect and review with students, providing positive reinforcement when appropriate and the opportunity for students to re-set at multiple points throughout the day.

Discrete lessons in English and Maths support development of key skills in those core subjects, at the appropriate level.

A cross curricular, project based, approach is taken to provision in Scientific skills and the Humanities with embedded opportunities for further development of literacy skills.

Subject specialist teachers provide input into the group to cover the curriculum within PE, Art and for elements of PSHCE (e.g. Relationship & Sex Education).

Learning outside the classroom embeds opportunities for wider experiences that build cultural capital, provide links to classroom based learning and enthuse students as learners.

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