Success Stories

At The Bridge we are extremely proud of the progress made academically; socially and vocationally by the vast majority of our students. Below are brief stories highlighting the successes of a small number of our former students (student names have been changed).


Dave was permanently excluded in Year 9 for a drugs related incident and had lost interest in school. On arrival at The Bridge, Dave quickly settled into a routine of hard work and accepted support in developing his social skills and confidence that had underpinned his drug use. Dave made rapid progress and was entered for GCSEs in Year 10 achieving 5 grades A*-C. This allowed us to enrol him during Year 11 on a Level 3 college course, supplemented by AS level Maths in school. Dave went on to win the College Student of the Year award during Year 11 and continue his course, completing this at 17 and gaining a place at Manchester University a year early. He is expected to graduate with honours this year.


Lucy was permanently excluded in the summer term of Year 10 and arrived at The Bridge feeling as though she had blown her chance at education. She worked closely with staff who helped to rebuild her confidence and self esteem and showed a commitment to addressing the issues which led to her exclusion - as such The Bridge was able to secure a place for her back in mainstream education where she went on to achieve 8 GCSEs at A*-C and is currently in her second year of 6th form and completing UCAS applications to go to University in September 2018


Chris was permanently exluded in Year 8, having missed large parts of year 7 due to poor attendance and fixed term exclusions. Because he had missed so much school Chris was stuck in a cycle of being disruptive to hide the gaps in his knowledge & then missing more school and falling further behind. Small group work allowed Chris to catch up to his peers and develop his confidence as a learner; his attendance improved and a return to mainstream was secured for him at the start of Year 9. Chris currently has better than 90% attendance in Year 10 and is expected to achieve well at GCSE in the Summer of 2019.








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