Pathway 4

Pathway 4 Curriculum


P4 is a Key Stage 4 pathway for students who are able to access a predominantly academic, GCSE based provision. During Year 10 this may be in preparation for a return to mainstream school, but some students will continue to need the supportive nature of our provision alongside the academic ambition of this curriculum. Students in Year 11 will nearly always complete their GCSE studies at The Bridge, although for a small number the possibility of a return to a mainstream school remains.

The key aim within the P4 curriculum is for students to be able to achieve a range of GCSE level qualifications, at the appropriate level for them, whilst also undertaking work to address social and behavioural challenges that have previously impacted upon them in school. Addressing both of these factors, alongside targeted CEIAG provision, is ultimately intended to put students in the best possible position for transition into a suitable programme of education or training at Post 16. It is anticipated that most students within P4 will go on to College or Apprenticeships and has formed the basis of students successfully studying at Level 3 and progressing to University previously.

This provision allows students to access a GCSE based curriculum regardless of academic ability; as within KS3 pathways adaptive teaching, based upon baseline and formative assessment is intended to ensure students make progress in line with their ability level and leads to results across the range of grades 1-9.


The pathway is split into discrete Y10 and Y11 groupings for the majority of the academic curriculum; with some larger group sessions for more enrichment based activities.

There is a focus on developing students as self-motivated learners with the ability to self-regulate in order to support a transition into a mainstream environment at Post 16. Formalised review and reflection with tutors is therefore less regular than within other pathways, but still forms part of the daily routines to support students with these emerging skills.

The range of GCSEs accessed will vary dependent on timing of exclusion and levels of progress within mainstream setting, curriculum coverage can however include:

English Language


English Literature



EDEXCEL GCSE Foundation or Higher


AQA Biology/Chemistry/Physics on a carousel basis. Opportunity to sit one GCSE in Year 10 and a second in Year 11



Physical Education


Art and Design


Continuation of mainstream GCSEs

Where students are a significant proportion of the way through a GCSE course prior to exclusion we will support continuation of that where possible – this has previously included e.g. History, Food & Nutrition, D&T

Duke of Edinburgh

Bronze award – development of cooperative and community based skills and attitudes


Including distinct study of areas including RSE

The main curriculum is supplemented by targeted individual interventions based on student need and regularly reviewed. These may be based on underlying skills and abilities (e.g. literacy/numeracy); social based (e.g. ELSA); or curriculum focussed to ‘catch up’ in particular subjects.

All students in Year 11 have access to personalised Careers advice and guidance delivered by a specialist from Young People’s Services

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