For more information about the Careers Programme at The Bridge please contact the school's Careers Leader Chris Wright: or telephone 0151 245 3877

IAG stands for Information, Advice and Guidance. Our young people are given one to one tuition on post 16 pathways and are given targeted support on where to go when they finish school. 

During IAG lessons young people will create a CV, learn to fill in application forms and write covering letters, apply for college placements, look at different careers, apply for jobs or apprenticeships, prepare for college or job interviews and generally look at what they can do next.

Some young people might be given work placements during their time at the Bridge. This will normally be at a type of place that they are interested in, for example, we have sent students to work in restaurants, motor garages and local construction companies.

College and Apprenticeships

We work with the local colleges to ensure that we find the right course for each of our students. We work closely with staff so that we support the young people from the application stage right through to them accepting a place. The following colleges are just a few of that offer courses in the local area:

  • West Cheshire College
  • Riverside College
  • Wirral Met College
  • Mid Cheshire College
  • Reaseheath College

Some young people attend college while they attend The Bridge to help them find a vocation that suits them. This can include courses in construction, catering, beauty and childcare. By completing the early entry courses, students may be better placed to complete the higher level courses once they leave the Bridge.

Some of our young people go on to complete apprenticeships in their chosen area. This is great for those who want to get stuck into a job and still learn as they go.

Work Placements

An important element of our young people's development is ensuring that they have the skills needed to work within the wider community. Securing relevant work placements, within the local area, has proved to be an effective method in developing these skills. 

We work with local businesses to find suitable placements that will develop the young people's interests in a chosen area. These placements can be anywhere from a local garage to a nursery or primary school.

Work placements usually take place once or twice a week and the young people will be there for a length of time that has been agreed with the business. This can be from a few weeks to the entire year depending on the organisation and needs of the young people. 


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