Group tutorials take place every morning and mainly focus on the Theme of the Month.

Our themes help us to explore the world, with a particular focus, using skills we have acquired in our lessons.  Tutorials are also based around:

QUOTE OF THE WEEK - Each week a student, along with a member of staff, identifies a quote that links to the Theme of the Month. We explore the quote and discuss what it means to us as individuals. The quote is displayed in all classrooms. This helps to develop our speaking and listening skills and expands our effective participator skills.

WHAT THE PAPERS SAY - Using national, and local, newspapers we find stories that relate to the Theme of the Month. Then as a class we discuss and debate issues around the story. This helps develop our reading and comprehension ability and keeps us up to date with what is going on in the world around us.

COMMUNITY JOBS - Each tutor group is given a job to help our school community. These jobs could include keeping display boards up to date, making shopping lists, completing our weekly kitchen checklist, completing fire alarm and water tests or compiling suggestions from our Student Voice Box.

SETTING WEEKLY TARGETS - Every student is given three personal targets to achieve throughout the week; they will relate to their personal termly targets. With their tutor, students discuss areas they feel they need to improve on and whether or not they have achieved these targets at the end of the week.

REVIEW OF THE WEEK - Each student gets a weekly report home to their parents. This will highlight progress made by the students and areas that need to be improved the following week. 

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