Science at The Bridge

At The Bridge we like to go back to the fundamental reasons why we learn Science. These are:

Scientific Method

 Where you start with an idea, create a concrete way to prove or disprove your idea, and objectively show what you learned.  Learning to follow this process helps you think logically. To give a child practice with these thinking skills is like giving vitamins to a developing mind.

A Natural Love For Learning

One of the greatest things we can teach our children is to love learning. Science is a great medium to do so.  Children are inquisitive explorers by nature and science offers lots to explore. Science can rev up a love for learning that will spill over into other subjects.

Science Opens Doors

Building an aptitude for science can be helpful in other areas of study.  For example, one cannot pursue science for very long without becoming fluent in its language – mathematics!  So science encourages maths.  And hand-in-hand with every lab experiment is the lab report – thus writing becomes a crucial part of science.  

Prepare For The Future 

 Agricultural science dictates how our food is produced, biomedical science keeps us healthy, physics and mechanical science takes from place to place, even our beds these days are constructed according to scientific principles (or so the ads tell us!).  We almost literally eat, sleep and breathe science!  As we prepare the next generation of consumers, voters, creators, and policy makers it is critical to ensure they are not only comfortable but adept in science.



In the first three years we study a wide range of Science covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We use real life examples to bring relevance to our learning and include plenty of practical work, information leaflets and posters. We believe that this is important as we remember 70% of what we learn by doing.


In 2016 we began teaching a new AQA curriculum "Synergy", this covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics and is divided into two sections ""Life and environmental sciences" and "Physical science". This specification groups together topics from across the three disciplines. In the Science Department we have specialists and provide a complete programme of study. The first exams will be in the summer of 2018.

Some of our pupils are entered for an AQA Entry Level Certificate which covers some of the elements of the GCSE, it is based largely around practical work, supports the learning for GCSE and provides all students with a qualification in Science for their transition into higher education.

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