PSHE & Citizenship

At The Bridge Short Stay School we place an equal value on the development of a young persons knowledge, understanding and skills in Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship as we do on their academic curriculum.

For one reason or another, all of our young people have experienced difficulty in playing a full part in the community of their mainstream school. For that reason we feel it is of vital importance to make sure they have every opportunity to understand their rights and responsibilities as a member of their school, local, national and worldwide communities. It is our aim that all students leave us fully equipped to make a positive contribution to society.

To reflect the importance that is placed on PSHE within the curriculum, all KS4 students work towards the AQA award in Personal & Social Education which carries a GCSE equivalent weighting. Success in individual units of work, particularly for those students attending The Bridge for a short period, is accredited through the AQA Unit Awards Scheme.

All staff & students at The Bridge have contributed their thoughts on what they believe are the values of a good citizen and a positive member of our community. It is these values that we aim to actively promote and celebrate in staff and young people.


Healthy Lifestyles

All students are encouraged throughout their timetable and social times in school, to learn about and to make, healthy lifestyle choices in all aspects of their life. For more information on how healthy lifestlyes are developed and encouraged see here.

Learning Through Themes & Cultures

Throughout the year we take a thematic approach to Tutorials and Cross Curricular projects with various projects based around this theme. Each theme and project is looked at within the context of a different culture so that students gain an understanding of diversity and how issues affecting local communities differ within the global community.

September Staying Safe America
October Being Healthy America
November Children & Conflict Europe
December Thinking of Others Europe
January New Beginnings Africa
February Change Africa
March/April Taking & Managing Risk Asia
May/June Fit for the Future Australasia
July Moving Forward Britain's place in the world



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