Art At The Bridge

The starting point of Art at the Bridge is to discover whatever it is that creatively inspires each individual student. Therefore the variety of art activities and approaches offered is incredibly broad, in reflection of the wide ranging interests of the students. We offer:

2-Dimensional Work:


-         screen printing,

-         lino printing,

-         mono printing


-         oils,

-         acrylic,

-         watercolour

-          inks


-         pencil,

-         charcoal,

-         conte crayons,

-         pastels,

-         pen & ink

3-Dimensional Work:

Fashion and textiles

-         full scale outfits,

-         papermaking,

-         felt work,

-         jewellery,

-         headwear


-         polymer clay miniature sculptures (in ‘Fimo’ or ‘Sculpey’)

-         Origami and paper mobiles

-         Mod-roc and wire constructions

-         Installation Art

-         Card construction

-         Architectural model-making

Art can be helpful to students in many ways; it can enable them to relax, express themselves, build their self-esteem and enrich other subject areas. It can open their eyes to other ways of being, develop a greater level of self-awareness and the ability to persevere. We offer GCSE Art qualifications for any student that is working at that level and work with them to develop a portfolio of work ready for future interviews. 


lick the link here for more Art at The Bridge and visit our gallery. 

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